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i've always been intimidated by you... should i have a reason to be? jewish and black culture contrast pretty strongly. i've been in the homes of people all over the world from all different cultures but i have never been in a black mans house. it makes your culture seem so mysterious to me.

Posted by Maccabee on Jan 16, 12 5:18 pm · History


Posted by smash on Dec 5, 10 9:37 pm · History

how you been j?

Posted by BRANNNNBO0H on Jul 19, 10 3:49 pm · History


Posted by Teesa on May 14, 10 9:04 pm · History

Hows it going?

Posted by shawtiegotem on Apr 27, 10 11:30 am · History

Real men play chest bro

Posted by AbbeyMarie on Jan 3, 10 6:06 pm · History


Posted by AbbeyMarie on Dec 27, 09 12:20 am · History

i don't like the song either. there's too much going on with it. i think the only part of the video i like was the part where she's in the white leotard thing. that's it. i didn't like Lady Gaga in it. i don't like her. there were way too many costume changes in this one. they should've stuck to like 4.

Posted by smash on Nov 18, 09 11:23 pm · History

i know you saw the new Beyonce video. what are your thoughts?

Posted by smash on Nov 17, 09 10:59 pm · History

lmfao. how u read my comment fool. -.- my shit private

&& ummmm you know u want this!

Posted by koobecaf on Nov 12, 09 12:43 am · History

dats cause you were madd sexy && den i wanted to liike give u da bidness but you aint said shit backk xD so i was like wattteva i quess santa dont want diss thenn! :o

Posted by koobecaf on Nov 8, 09 2:00 pm · History

Nuh--Uhh. lmao we use to choopp it upp in the dag'on "forums" && wat not && u thought i was "weeirdd" or sum shit lmao waaaatever anywys i just thought id say that ya swagg was freshhh oK? danng bye the wayy xD demm lips of yourrs is madddddd sexxxyy i could just ummmm eatt em? lOl ima stop b4 i get maself in truble!


Posted by koobecaf on Nov 6, 09 1:46 am · History

oooohhh lmao so you talkin shit -.- LMFAO mmhhmm ;) just thought id give ya blackk santa clause ass a complement o.O owell i quess i take dat backk

Posted by koobecaf on Nov 4, 09 7:05 am · History

i forgot what her name is. she's on my friends though.

Posted by smash on Nov 1, 09 8:15 pm · History

lol @ atownqueen.
you should IM me sometime. that is if you don't mind being associated with me again.

Posted by smash on Nov 1, 09 7:21 pm · History


Posted by koobecaf on Oct 10, 09 6:47 am · History

well, i find a lot of stuff hilarious that's not necessarily funny to other people so you may not want to trust my judgement on this one. but yes, it was good. Jonna pissed her pants in public and people were falling. THE RUINS!

Posted by smash on Oct 1, 09 1:47 am · History

did you ever watch the shit they should've shown?

Posted by smash on Sep 28, 09 10:35 pm · History

aw i know. i actually thought most of those animals in the slideshow were not cute, but that elephant seal was adorable!

Posted by Teesa on Sep 27, 09 10:31 pm · History

haha look, it's kind of like our favorite animals put together:

http://www.huffin ute-too-the-most-un_n_300326.h tml?slidenumber=2#slide_image

Posted by Teesa on Sep 27, 09 9:36 pm · History

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